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APD Global Research

APD Research & Conduct Compliance

LBF Members have full access to APD’s suite of SaaS programmes which enable Brokers to collect, monitor and use the results from customer feedback to promote your brand on online review sites safely and evidence conduct and behavioural compliance.

APD programmes have been specially adapted for the broker sector and act as a firewall to outside scrutiny allowing commercial insight to remain private and handling customer requests and issues to be managed off-grid, with an option to release results into public online review platforms.

Whilst our compliance product is designed to complement existing industry inspections and audits to enable Brokers to map and evidence from a customers perspective, these processes are working and meet the directives on Consumer Duty from the FCA and requirements by the BVRLA.

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Engage – Respond – Retain

Broker.360 collects and manages customer survey results, enabling Brokers to have 24/7 insight into customer satisfaction and weaponising their scores to achieve the best ratings on online review sites like Trust Pilot, Feefo and Google Seller.

The platform prevents the displaying of harmful reviews by acting as a shield between customer feedback by scrutinising results and updating before automatically uploading to Feefo and Google Rate to boost SEO and visibility for your brand.



 Listen – Log – Learn

APD Talkback.360 platforms work by classifying inbound customer, supplier or colleague communications and efficiently direct them to the relevant individual to manage and action quickly and efficiently.

24/7 online dash reporting categorises inbound communication in a highly visual fashion and generates powerful reports and essential insights.



Listen – Analyse – Reveal

Sentiment.360 analytics uses advanced augmented intelligence (AI) to identify and amplify messages within customer surveys that otherwise remain hidden in conventional feedback analysis.

The platform is compatible with APD’s other 360 monitoring programmes or licenced and linked to an existing Brokers customer experience (CX) surveys to access review sites and social channels.



Assess – Monitor – Comply

APD’s Compliance.360 programme ensures that Brokers have evidence of their customer’s understanding of the process and satisfaction with their purchasing experience.

Using carefully worded questions embedded into existing customer satisfaction surveys, Brokers will gain essential insights and archived data with which to respond to any inspection carried out by the FCA and BVRLA.

To find out more about how APD Research & Conduct Compliance can enhance your customer engagement, fill out the form below.

    Please note: access to this offer is free for members, but non-members will be charged £150, should they take up this offer. Membership to the LBF costs £295 p.a. and allows unlimited access to all out Partner offers. Click here to find out more and sign up as a member.
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