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ARVAL launched a new guide on the day-to-day management of electric vans at the CV Show this week (April 24-26).

Called “Delivering the Future: A Guide to Operating Electric Vans”, it has been designed to provide expert guidance for organisations that are considering adding electric commercial vehicles (ECVs) to their fleets.

Simon Cook, LCV Leader at Arval, explained:

“We feel this is the first year that electric vans have really made their presence felt at CV Show, with new and existing models on the stands of many major manufacturers.

“Fleets are starting to really think hard about introducing and operating these vehicles. Our thinking, in putting this new guide together, was that there is a gap in the information being provided to fleets when it comes to their everyday operation.

“Delivering the Future’ is designed to quickly familiarise fleet operators with the main practicalities when it comes to operating electric vans.”