The essence of the Federation

The Leasing Broker Federation is an independent membership organisation supporting leasing brokers and operators across the UK. The Federation strives to better equip the business owners and brokerage employees with knowledge and skills that will allow them to keep pace with the challenges of working within this growing sector.

It also provides a business community environment for all market relevant companies, such as Leasing Companies, Funders, Manufacturers, Service Suppliers and Dealerships, looking to build and maintain mutually beneficial business relationships. These companies make up our Federation Partner Network.

There are currently more than 170 members, representing the premier leasing brokerages in the UK, as well as a network of Federation Partners Organisations.

What draws dealers to join and stay in the Federation

  • Be part of the Brokers own community
  • Connect directly with Brokers when they are seeking vehicles
  • Meet with Brokers at networking events
  • Develop long lasting relationships
  • Simplify how you work with Brokers

What your membership includes

  • Dealership/Manufacturer Vehicle Sales to LBF members
    includes Associate Membership
  • A members only service to connect brokers with dealers when
    searching for stock
  • Directory Entry by manufacturer brand
  • Search on brand
  • Direct connection from member to dealer to enquire
    about stock availability

Premium Membership – all the above plus:

  • Top 5 places
  • Search on brand per brand
  • Direct connection from member to dealer to enquire minimum
    about stock availability

To find out more about the above, please contact Nick Ratcliffe at [email protected] 


Standard: £85/month minimum 12 months

Premium: £115/month minimum 12 months

Optional extras:

Additional stock offer email £50

Additional brand listing £20 Standard listing or £30 Premium listing

All memberships and packages are annualised in December see Terms and conditions 

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