THE Leasing Broker Federation has welcomed Egnida Vehicle Solutions as a member and the business sees the Federation as a platform for the Green Fleet cause, so that the sector can pioneer and champion the drive to a lower-carbon economy for for future generations.

Group Director Tony Murtagh said: “We’re keen to develop a ‘Green Fleet Alliance’ with other brokers and fleet managers that want to play a positive role in climate-change.

“I’m convinced that working together for the environment can only be good news for the communities we live in and we serve.

“The Leasing Broker community is now the driving force for mobility in UK SMEs. Its rampant growth over the past 10 years has been the biggest enabler for the leasing revolution in this time and we’re seeing larger corporates turn to their local leasing and fleet management partners to help them achieve their goals for value and service.
“I don’t see why we can’t make the most of the opportunity that these changing times are creating for us. The window for change is wide-open. We should make the most of it.”


As part of the Egnida Group, the vehicle solutions business benefits from the hands-on experience and operational knowledge to help organisations successfully transition to and manage a low carbon fleet of plug-in cars and vans

Egnida helps organisations do the right thing for customers, stakeholders and future generations, using its capabilities to improve carbon reporting and management and reduce carbon-related impacts and risks, using innovation that actively supports more vulnerable customers.

Murtagh added: “Vehicle Solutions is placed in the centre of egnida’s energy, carbon and innovation teams, so that we can make the choices for our clients clear, well-informed and benefit from smart, digital platforms.

“Knowing we can bring about positive environmental outcomes, drives us to help more people and organisations. The transition to greener fleets, as part of a low-carbon strategy, will deliver key compliance, improved profitability and competitive advantage in our clients’ markets.”

Key strengths are:

  • a unique capability in being able to manage traditional and low carbon fleets and the smooth transition from one to the other
  • expertise in all aspects needed for success including core fleet management; energy and data management, EV charging and asset installation and operation
  • understanding how to make a transition to a greener fleet to reduce both carbon and costs and how to achieve wider operational and PR/marketing benefits and sales growth for clients
  • the capability and depth of knowledge of a corporate organisation, with the speed and flexibility of an SME