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EMTEC’s goal is to fight transport-based emissions and pollution through the use of metrics and help businesses reduce and monitor their fleets CO2 emissions.

Smart Fleet Cloud, developed by Emtec, is a cloud-based platform that receives data from connected vehicles via smart devices. This provides users with real time analysis of vehicle performance and driver behaviour. EMTEC provides data on vehicle location, trip history, driver behaviour, CO2 emissions as well as acceleration and hard braking metrics.

EMTEC’s technology solves the growing issue faced by fleet managers and finance directors to accurately measure vehicle emissions in line with governmental and regulatory requirements.

EMTEC offers a completely new approach to fleet and emissions management with:

  • Accurate real-time data on CO2 emissions, driver, and vehicle performance
  • Actionable information for statutory reporting and fleet management
  • Accurate information for investment decisions, electric vehicle assessment etc


How it works?

EMTEC’s telematics device fits into all personal and commercial vehicles – no matter where they are manufactured – and delivers smart, encapsulated data on vehicle and driver performances to the “Smart Fleet Cloud (SFC)” interface.

The SFC interface receives and decodes the telematic device data and delivers standard and bespoke reports enabling users to overview their vehicles and drivers’ performance in real time.

It also enables them to easily plan for the transition from conventional engines to electric by providing live feed, filtered information on every vehicle type (conventional, electric, hybrid).

EMTEC’s products and services will be a significant step forward in helping businesses to understand their fleets’ financial and environmental footprints. Emtec’s data solutions with automated analysis displayed on the Smart Fleet Cloud dashboard, provides a comprehensive overview that puts organisations in control.

EMTEC can help your business with better decision-making, reducing overall financial costs and accelerating the reduction of your businesses carbon footprint by making it easier to understand the electric and hybrid vehicle and financial options available.


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