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January 12, 2024

Market insight on the leasing industry available for those who respond. Please fill out the short survey below to receive your copy.

Having up to date market insight can help drive your business forward, and keeping tabs on trends helps you shape your strategy.

We have run research projects over recent years that have proved valuable, but we want to launch something different.

We have teamed up with one of our LBF member partners, APD Global Research, to create a “Tracker survey”. As the name suggests, it will track specific areas affecting the Broker market.

The Tracker Survey is a rolling one, and you can complete it at any time. It only has 10 questions, and can be completed in under 60 seconds.

We will publish a quarterly report to be shared with our members.

We would really appreciate your support by completing the survey throughout the year, and we will be sending out gentle reminders to do so.

We have copied a link to the survey here, so please take a minute to complete it.

Thank you.

The Leasing Broker Federation team

Got a spare 30 seconds?

 Help us to provide you with better market insight by completing a very short survey. It is anonymous and only takes 30 seconds. You will get free access to the quarterly results.

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Leasing Broker Federation

The Leasing Broker Federation is an independent membership organisation supporting leasing brokers and operators across the uk. It better equips brokerages with knowledge and skills supporting them to thrive within this growing sector.

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