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JATO analyst Felipe Munoz joins conference speaker list

Felipe Munoz JATO 800
Felipe Munoz JATO 800


October 6, 2017

JATO analyst Felipe MunozIT is our great pleasure to announce that Felipe Munoz (above), a market analyst with JATO Dynamics, will be joining the line up of speakers at the Leasing Broker Conference at RSA House, London, on November 23.

Felipe provides in-depth analysis of the car market performance – both in Europe and in the UK for our sister title Car & Van Funding  – as an analyst for JATO Dynamics, the international leader in automotive business intelligence solutions.

Felipe will be outlining the hot sectors to expect in 2019 based on JATO’s analysis of the forthcoming year.

Felipe’s insight will help leasing brokers prepare to meet the expected demand from customers.

Felipe joins our growing list of already announced speakers. These are:

  • John Simlett, EY’s global leader for the future of mobility, talking about the company’s new Tesseract mobility product, how it allows fractional vehicle ownership underpinned by blockchain technology, and what role brokers might play in accessing the mobility market.
  • Matthias Wellers, from powertrain specialists AVL, will consider what products you will be selling in the future as the development of electrified vehicles accelerates.
  • Iain Macbeth is a key thought leader at Transport for London. Iain will be talking about future access to cities – will diesels be allowed? What should you be advising customers?
  • Scott Gairns, managing director of Sophus3, will be discussing how the digital consumer journey is evolving and how getting the best finance deal is becoming more important than the car itself.
  • GDPR – what does it mean for you  – David Topping, cyber and information security expert and British Standards author
  • Going green – how can you transition customers? – Karl Anders, Nissan national EV fleet manager

“The quality of speakers we’re assembling for the conference is highly impressive, providing essential insight into the automotive market and the issues affecting car acquisition in the future. Added to which we have the opportunity to meet our speed networkers who can provide your brokerage  with a competitive edge. It’s a must attend event.”

Join us at the Leasing Broker Conference

The Leasing Broker Conference is taking place on November 23 at the beautiful RSA House off London’s Strand.

The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) features a full conference facility with 60 seats and interactive participation, as well as speed networking opportunities.

Meet our speed networkers:

  • Fleet Procure – this is a new dealer broker platform. Should you be on it?
  • Premia Solutions – customer GAP solutions for brokers. Are you missing out?
  • CVS – how to turn non-prime customers into customers. New opportunities for brokers

Cost for the Conference is £295+VAT including refreshments and lunch. Or you can book the Conference and Awards evening dinner package for £500+VAT.

To book your place, which includes our speed networking if required, click here

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