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INDEPENDENT contract hire and vehicle leasing company Kudos Vehicle Management  has agreed a major partnership with ODO to satisfy growing demand from Kudos customers for Fleet Management.

The move will also accelerate Kudos’s business growth by introducing new recurring revenue streams.  

The partnership provides Kudos with the ability to deliver business efficiencies and cost savings to customers in addition to supporting them with the transition to EVs. 

ODO is part of Drive Software Solutions, a leading provider of fleet management technology for the leasing broker and dealer sectors. ODO offer a modern fleet management solution which will help transfer Select’s market leading service to the fleet management sector.

ODO’s intuitive fleet management platform delivers three key benefits to Kudos Vehicle Management customers, namely: 

  • Peace of mind: ODO enables vehicles and drivers to remain compliant whilst also making it easy to deliver on duty of care responsibilities (including things such as driver health / driver safety) and giving confidence that any fraudulent activity is identified
  • Lower fleet costs: through functionality that prevents end of lease surprises, reduces fuel and maintenance costs and enables a seamless transition to Electric Vehicles
  • Time saving driver app: that empowers users to self-serve and manage vehicles efficiently, with proactive prompts to identify and prioritise issues, key tasks and reporting

Kudos Vehicle Management owner Russell Bowker said: “Delivering business efficiencies and cost savings are top priorities for our customers. ODO gives us the ability to deliver against these needs whilst also introducing valuable recurring revenue streams to our business. We’ve been impressed with the ODO platform and the ease and speed at which we were onboarded by the team”.  

Robert Gorby, Chief Commercial Officer for ODO, said: “We’re delighted Kudos Vehicle Management have partnered with ODO to enable them scale their business and deliver valuable services to their customer base. We’re constantly growing our ecosystem of integrated services which enables leasing brokers like Kudos to offer a one-stop shop of Fleet Management services”. 

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