Leasing Broker Federation Digital Summit

We are turning the physical into the digital. Our Digital Summit will run over a week in March, bringing you a keynote speaker, knowledge sessions and sponsor updates during a 2-hour window everyday. You chose what you want to log in to, based on your area of interest.

We will be delivering content based on the feedback you provided in the research waves, as well as providing an update on the most recent market trends. You will also get to hear from our new Partner Network and learn how you can make more business better and how you can sell more services to your customers.

With the supply of vehicles very much in the heart of what we do, you will get the latest product updates from manufacturers.

The Summit is designed for all Leasing Broker staff and the variety of sessions means you can choose which one to attend. All our LBF members are invited and a single payment of £95 allows anyone in the Brokerage to attend. The sessions will run from 12pm – 2pm everyday, with different topics on each day.

Following our announcement that we are giving you more control over the evolution of the Leasing Broker Federation by allocating you a share with your 2021 membership, the opening session on the Monday will be the AGM.

If you are not an LBF member, you are welcome to attend at a cost of £295. Again, this is a one-off payment for anyone of your company to attend.

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