LBF Training Campus

The LBF Training Campus is designed to deliver useful, relevant and value-adding training courses to all Leasing Broker staff, whether they work in Sales, Customer Service, Operations, Finance or Senior Management.

The courses have been created to specifically focus on the Automotive Leasing sector, with some courses carrying a recognised training accreditation.

What does it do?

  • The training campus will provide the support to enhance the knowledge, skills and behaviours of our members employees. 
  • Topic areas will cover – Sales, Customer Service, Personal Development, Leadership and Management
  • Offers externally accredited programmes (currently leadership and management)
  • Open schedule of courses or in-house options available for larger groups where the training can be tailored to organisations
  • Utilises trainers who are subject matter experts in their specific field of delivery
  • Class sizes will be limited to no more than 10 delegates a time to ensure an effective learning environment.

What will it provide and what will it do for your company?

  • Improved efficiency and therefore productivity thus leading to better profitability 
  • Creates a standardised approach within teams 
  • Raises the ability to respond effectively to change
  • Boost morale and employee engagement
  • Reduces staff turnover and therefore saves on recruitment costs

Lockdown Courses

The LBF Training campus will be initially offering two key courses which are extremely relevant in the current climate. ‘Supporting Furloughed Workers’ and ‘Effective Remote Working’. These modules will be delivered in a virtual classroom and will be a duration of approximately 1 hour each.

It is important to point out that legally furloughed staff are still able to participate in training.

Course 1

Supporting Furloughed Workers will look at the emotional wellbeing and some of the psychological challenge’s employees may face when returning to work from the current pandemic. The course will aim to provide a practical toolkit on how to manage these concerns and the ways in which they can support themselves and colleagues.

Course 2

Effective Remote Working will set out the changes an employee will need to be making in order to maintain productivity and efficiencies whilst working away from the office. With the directive from the government for all employees to work from home if they are able to, many companies will have a work force in a virtual office moving forward. This course will aim to ensure remote working is done effectively and ensure employees fully understand how that is achievable.

training 1

Below is the full scope of courses the Leasing Broker Federation will be offering out to its members over the coming months to support and further develop your skills: 

Sales Leadership and Management Personal Development
Listening & Questioning Skills Performance Management Skills Time Management Skills
Negotiation Skills Effective Delegation Developing Assertiveness
Closing and Following Up Techniques Understanding Leadership Effective Communication Skills
Knowing Your Customer Developing Yourself and Others
Dealing with Difficult Customers Good Practice in Workplace Coaching
Influencing and Persuading Skills ILM Level 3 Award/Certificate in Leadership and Management
Building Effective Relationships ILM Level 5 Award/Certificate in Leadership and Management
Incoming Enquiries and Prospecting

How to take part

The first round of Lockdown courses will start from Monday 18th May and you can register your interest by simply filling in the form below. The courses cost £75 per delegate for LBF members and £115 for non members.

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