About Moneypenny

The automotive industry’s leading provider

Most people in the UK have spoken to Moneypenny. Few realise it.
Moneypenny has been looking after businesses and their customers since 2000. We’re proud to be the #1 telephone answering and live chat provider to the automotive industry, supporting hundreds of leasing brokers, dealerships and garages 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
We understand how important your customers are to your business and we know how to help you deliver a customer experience that exceeds their expectations. With our unique mix of extraordinary people and innovative technology, you’ll cut costs, improve service levels and never miss a sales opportunity again.


Your Moneypenny Receptionist

Our service is simple. We give you your own Moneypenny Receptionist, who’s a member of our specialist automotive team and experienced in handling calls and chats for the industry. Briefed by you on your business, they’ll integrate seamlessly with your own team and work exactly as if based in your office.
Whenever your team are particularly busy or if you require 24/7 support, calls will route to your Moneypenny Receptionist, who answers in your company name and sends detailed messages back to your office. Your staff will be able to do a fantastic job, knowing Moneypenny is there securing every inbound lead, whether it’s a commercial or personal enquiry.
And in exactly the same way we answer your calls, Moneypenny Receptionists are on hand to chat on your behalf whenever required. Knowledgeable and confident, they’ll leave your website visitors with a stunning impression of your business.

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