MotorEasy GAP Insurance

MotorEasy are pleased to offer all members of the Leasing Broker Federation an exclusive offer on GAP insurance.

Each of your customers who purchase a GAP Insurance policy with MotorEasy will receive an Integrity Club 20 Lease Membership for free.

What does an Integrity Club 20 Lease Membership include?

  • Accident cover and aftercare service
  • 15 day emergency vehicle replacement
  • Free access to a qualified solicitor
  • 24/7 European assistance
  • Motor Legal Services

What is GAP Insurance?

GAP Insurance provides your customers with peace of mind knowing they would be covered if their vehicle is written off as a result of an accident or stolen.

Many motorists don’t realise that in the event of a write-off, their insurer will only reimburse them for the current market value of the vehicle. However the moment a vehicle is driven off the dealer’s forecourt, the value of the car will begin to depreciate – so if an accident occurred your customer could be left without a vehicle or an outstanding finance balance to pay.

MotorEasy GAP Insurance is available for cars up to 10 years old and 100,000 miles, and will cover write-offs due to theft, accidental damage and fire – so your customers are covered for every eventuality.

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MotorEasy is revolutionising the way people approach car ownership. MotorEasy delivers a done-for-you programme that takes the ‘not-so-fun’ parts of owning a car and hands it over to industry experts and engineers.

Over 400,000 members receive benefits like tax and MOT reminders, breakdown cover, servicing, GAP, Cosmetic, Alloy wheel and Tyre insurance and the UK’s leading car warranty. MotorEasy engineers are motoring experts who monitor every booking using machine learning technology. MotorEasy members have access to over 10,000 garages who offer collection and delivery as part of a fully managed service, saving motorists money, time and hassle.

GAP Insurance

MotorEasy provides GAP Insurance and we will pick the right cover for your customers vehicles.

Return to Invoice (RTI)

This applies to new or used cars purchased within the last 6 months.

RTI will cover the difference between the insurer’s payout and the amount needed to settle any outstanding lease payments.

What other products can we provide?

  • Cosmetic Repair Insurance – protecting vehicles up to 5 years or 60,000 miles from scratches and minor bumps, keeping that new car feel for longer.
  • Tyre Insurance – reducing tyre repair costs for vehicles up to 5 years old or 60,000 miles.
  • Alloy Insurance – designed for vehicles up to 5 years old or 60,000 miles. We’ll protect alloy wheels from kerbing damage whilst reducing repair costs.
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