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New Vehicle Leasing market research

With the rapid growth in the vehicle leasing through intermediaries, how can you take advantage of all the opportunities when you have limited visibility of it? With in depth insight, you are no longer selling blind. You can now have access to rolling market research with a quarterly summary report.


Vehicle leasing via intermediaries is changing, not only is it the only sales channel showing true growth but there has been a shift from being a transactional sales market to a service proposition one. Intermediaries are at the frontline of this change and are having to adapt to accommodate the changing demands and expectations of their customers. The support they receive from their funders is vital in terms of how they can ultimately provide that service to their customers. Until now, there has not been enough real-time information about this sector of the vehicle leasing market, that provides insight Funders can use to make informed strategic, product and service offering decisions.

The research draws out the most up to date trends in the intermediary vehicle leasing market with further insight provided by industry experts. You can access the survey at any time and the results are being regularly updated.

What it covers

The research covers both the current trends in the market and also the perception intermediaries have of Funders and Manufacturers. Who best supports them and who do they have the best relationships with.

In terms of specifics, the research covers four main areas:

  1. The intermediaries outlook on the vehicle leasing market, including their prediction on future sales
  2. The percentage of finance products being sold
  3. The support services being requested by customers
  4. A comparison of the relationship between funders and intermediaries, including what services they value from Funders

What are the benefits to Leasing Companies and Manufacturers?

  1. Gain access to real-time data that provides a comprehensive insight into the vehicle leasing market
  2. You can use the information to make decisions on your product, services and operational proposition
  3. You can strengthen your relationships with intermediaries and grow your business
  4. You have an understanding of where you sit against your peers in terms of how you service intermediaries

What are the benefits for leasing brokers?

  1. Gaining access to real-time data that provides a comprehensive insight into the vehicle leasing market
  2. By providing your feedback, you receive credits that you can redeem against the cost of the LBF events during 2020 and a quarterly summary report.

How do you access it?

You can access the information at anytime through our online portal. We can provide you with a logon where you will see a dashboard overview and a set of standard reports. Should you want specific reports, you can simply create these within your portal.

What further support can you get?

There are two main additional areas of support you can get from us

  1. We understand that you may want to explore specific parts of your service and product proposition, or simply to gather more in depth information on the vehicle leasing market. When this needs arises, you can ask specific questions to the research group with the feedback and insight being provided back only to you.
  2. If you need to do a larger piece of research within the Automotive and Fleet market,, we can create, implement and provide insight based on your specific need.

Access and feedback

To register your interest in either providing feedback (Brokers) or accessing the report (Manufacturers and Leasing Companies) please register below.