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CORPARISON has partnered with The Car Expert to provide more businesses and staff with its salary sacrifice scheme which can save up to 50% on electric car lease deals.

By sacrificing a portion of their salary, employees will be able to save money on income tax and National Insurance. While businesses will save on pension and National Insurance Contributions. Salary sacrifice cars fall under the category of company cars for tax purposes. Notably, their electric nature allows employees to currently benefit from a 0% Benefit-In-Kind tax advantage.

Corparison’s sister company, Carparison, is no stranger to The Car Expert. Matt Woodward, Operations Director at Corparison, said “In essence, this marks a natural evolution of our ongoing partnership, now with a heightened focus on the remarkable growth we’re experiencing in salary sacrifice.”

Editorial Director at The Car Expert, Stuart Masson, said “Building quality commercial partnerships is a crucial part of our business at The Car Expert. Our goal is to help our readers find the best products and services to fill their needs, and we take that commitment very seriously.

“We started working with Carparison several years ago as one of our first leasing partners, and more recently partnered with Vanparison on our sister website, The Van Expert. So it’s a pleasure to welcome Corparison on board as a salary sacrifice partner in this growing sector of the financial services marketplace.

“Our goal with commercial partnerships is win-win-win. If we provide the right customer with the right introduction to the right partner at the right time in their car acquisition journey, it provides a great outcome for everyone. We look forward to providing Corparison with high-quality leads from genuine customers who are looking for a great salary sacrifice experience.”

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