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SELDOC Healthcare, a not-for-profit GP co-operative serving 2.5m patients in SE and SW London, has gone green thanks to a fleet of Toyota RAV4 self-charging hybrids supplied and managed by Fleet Alliance.

SELDOC, which has around 100 member GP practices, provides a number of services to different parts of the NHS. These include urgent care and supporting major hospitals providing accident and emergency services.  The team is on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and this year has rapidly mobilised its services in response to the pandemic to support COVID-19 patients.

With many GP surgeries having to reduce face-to-face consultations during the pandemic, SELDOC Healthcare found that its home visiting services were becoming ever more important. In order to get doctors to see patients quickly and safely, the team needed greater mobility and very reliable vehicles.

Fleet Alliance’s Jonathan Nolan who manages the SELDOC Healthcare relationship, recommended the RAV4 Design 2.5 litre automatic all-wheel drive self-charging hybrid to carry out their essential services.

With almost all of SELDOC’s work in heavily built up, urban areas, cleaner, greener cars were a necessity from an air quality perspective, while the AWD capability meant they could be effective all year round under any weather conditions.

A new batch of six RAV4 Design Hybrids have now been added to the existing four on the fleet and, thanks to Fleet Alliance’s expertise, at lower operating costs than before.

Jonathan Nolan recommended that the vehicles were leased on three year/36,000-mile contracts with full maintenance – SELDOC vehicles were previously outright purchased – and that they were managed through Fleet Alliance’s award-winning e-Fleet fleet management platform.

“We sourced the vehicles through our multi-funding panel to ensure the best possible price and have taken all the hassle of fleet administration away from SELDOC so they can concentrate on their core business and we can focus on ours,” said Nolan.

Modifications included roof bars fitted with green, not blue, lights, signwriting including the essential ‘Doctor on Call’, and distinctive green and yellow ‘Battenberg’ markings for greater visibility.