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SELECT Car Leasing has joined forces with charge point installation platform Rightcharge to take the headache out of installing an electric vehicle (EV) charging point at work or at home.

Customers can now find the right charge point for them in just five clicks using Rightcharge’s industry-leading recommendation engine.

Their recommendation future-proofs the choice for drivers and is based on the customer’s specific needs – such as whether they will be able to charge at night, whether they have solar panels, or if they need to charge more than one electric car or van.

Customers can also access exclusive low prices from Rightcharge’s network of more than 100 vetted and monitored charge point installers, offering the very latest chargers and typical installation lead time of just a couple of weeks.

David Lewis, Head of Electric Vehicles and Energy at Select Car Leasing’s ‘Select Electric’ division, said that customer support and protection is a key part of the new relationship:

“Select Car Leasing is thrilled to partner with Rightcharge, and it’s a collaboration we hope will make switching from a petrol or diesel car to an electric car as simple and affordable as possible. Rightcharge offers a wide selection of high-quality electric car and van chargers at great prices. And the partnership offers real peace of mind to Select Car Leasing customers looking to make the switch to greener, cleaner and more efficient motoring.

“We needed a simple and smart charging solution for all our electric car and van leasing customers – and Rightcharge, being a leader in the market across the UK, is the perfect fit. This partnership is a no-brainer for us.”

Rightcharge has pulled together the power of the UK’s best 100 installation companies and combined it with a simple customer journey. This includes a customer-friendly installation cancellation and rescheduling policy for maximum flexibility.

Select Car Leasing customers also benefit from having access to a dedicated Rightcharge Hotline, which means anyone with any queries can seek help and advice from a friendly specialist at any point in the charge point installation journey.

Charlie Cook, Founder of Rightcharge, says: “We’re delighted to partner with Select Car Leasing to better assist drivers choosing to lease an electric vehicle.

“As more Brits transition to an EV for the first time – often with a car lease arrangement to go electric – one of their main concerns is ensuring they can charge their vehicle easily and inexpensively. We’re delighted to be able to make this simple for them, whilst also encouraging more drivers to make the switch to electric.”

The cost of a home charger from Rightcharge begins at around £840* and all prices are inclusive of standard installation and VAT. Select Car Leasing customers can also choose to pay in instalments if they wish, with the Smart Pro Plan charger from Egg at just £27.50 per month, with the first year at only £24.50 per month**.

All charge points on the Rightcharge platform offer smart functionality and can charge at the full 7 kW home charging speed. There are both tethered and untethered options available, too, for maximum flexibility.

There are also dedicated chargers for customers who are thinking about installing, or who already have, solar panels.

Thinking of the switch to electric?

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