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Shine bright: The impact of social media on car detailing businesses

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January 15, 2024

Social media has, over the last two decades, revolutionised just about every corner of the business world. Platforms like TikTok, YouTube and Instagram provide modern marketers with a means of pumping high-resolution video content directly to the would-be customer.

The Visual Power of Platforms

For certain industries with a heavy focus on visuals, this is a particular boon. You might immediately think of the beauty and cosmetics industries, but other, more niche pursuits have also benefitted tremendously.

Car detailing is an excellent case in point. Through platforms like these, a skilled individual, or organisation, can effectively showcase their work. A good before-and-after photo can capture the attention of an audience who might otherwise not have even considered the benefits. Just make sure that you’re on the right side of the advertising rules.

Building Brand Presence

Social media can also provide a medium for word-of-mouth marketing. If a customer sees something that they appreciate, they can upvote it and thereby recommend it to other, like-minded customers. Or they might tag a friend directly in a given post, or even leave a review for a product or service they’ve enjoyed.

In some cases, a customer might even create their own video of their car-detailing work, and share it with their friends. They might even demonstrate a given technique, tool, or method in action. The use of a powered car polisher, for example, might be demonstrated via video.

Educational Content on YouTube

Nowadays, YouTube is a go-to source for educational content. If there’s a job that needs doing around the house, the average homeowner’s first port of call might be a search on the video site. There, a rich library of detailed tutorials has accumulated. Businesses might contribute to this library to establish their expertise and build trust with their growing customer base.

In the case of car detailing, there’s a vibrant online community of DIY detailers, who might be directly courted through the site. A business might track down the most prominent influencers, and seek to collaborate with them.

Community Building

Social media isn’t just a means of posting videos and images. The ‘social’ aspect of the phenomenon has also been transformative. Platforms like Facebook allow a business to develop a rapport with clients. Through them, it might become easier to gauge where common complaints might lie, and whether there’s a strong demand for certain kinds of service.

An online community can also act as a surrogate for the village community that human beings are built to value. Building such a community can create brand loyalty, and foster a sense of belonging that, in the long term, can be extremely lucrative.

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