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Research highlights a tricky year but some hope for the future

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The third wave of the rolling Leasing Broker Federation survey was conducted between 22nd October and 1st December 2020 and showed an increase compared to Wave 2 of Brokers believing they will be handling more enquiries in the next 12 months - up to 48% from 36%. This represents a swing back towards the wave 1 level of 50% believing they will handle more enquiries. The percentage of Brokers saying they believe they will handle less enquiries has remained constant at 30% all year.

Customer contact a vital tool during Covid pandemic

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Brokers we have been in touch with over the past few days all report an increase in customer contact, particularly via email, social media, telephone and even “zoom” calls while some have created new roles specifically for this.

The before and after picture of the vehicle leasing market

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For those who have not yet completed the Leasing Broker Federation rolling survey, or have only partially completed, we would encourage you to do so as this will give us all some crucial insight into the vehicle leaving sector at this incredibly challenging time.

Survey finds that prime finance will be more important if there is 2020 recession

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Research for Startline Motor Finance shows that 54.6% of car dealers say they expect prime lenders to reject an increasing number of applications next year in a continuation of a trend they have seen during the last 12 months.

New broker survey shows OEM finance impacting broker funding league as PCH popularity grows

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THE increasing popularity of personal contract hire has seen captive finance houses become a significant source of funding for leasing brokers. Not only that, newer bank entrants are beginning to make their presence felt. Santander [...]

Go Green Leasing appoints APD to manage its online customer satisfaction

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GO GREEN Leasing is the latest broker to appoint APD Global Research as its customer satisfaction provider. The Cheshire-based broker has adopted APD’s integrated online platform to enable it to measure customer and driver satisfaction [...]

Nationwide appoints APD for customer service surveys

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Customer service surveys Monitor vehicle hand-over process provided by dealer partners Customer satisfaction check to improve experience for online buyers Bridge between Nationwide and its customers LEASING broker Nationwide Vehicle Contracts (NVC) has appointed APD Global Research to [...]

APD launches customer satisfaction tool for leasing brokers

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 APD CX for brokers Established Voice 360 programme specially tailored for vehicle broker sector Customer satisfaction surveys already used by some of the UK’s largest vehicle fleet funders Programme provides missing link between the vehicle [...]

Volume brands trump prestige for happy customers

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Dr Andrew Skelhorn Dr Andrew Skelhorn, Research Director of APD Global Research Ltd, looks at how volume brands trump prestige manufacturers compare in keeping business customers happy. The days of enhanced customer satisfaction being the [...]