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Turbulent year sees new car sales fall to lowest for nearly 30 years

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Against a backdrop of Covid restrictions, an acceleration of the end of sale date for petrol and diesel cars to 2030 and Brexit uncertainty, the industry suffered a total turnover loss of some £20.4 billion. December’s vehicle registrations were reflective of what was a highly turbulent year, although the month showed signs of continued consumer interest in both used and electric vehicles.

‘No cause for alarm’ over August new car sales dip

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The recent lockdown has given us a glimpse of what a greener future could look like. With plans for Clean Air Zones in cities across the UK firmly on the table, demand among businesses for their fleets to have the newest and cleanest vehicles is continuing to rise

Get ready for surge in EV orders

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Some leasing companies could see EVs occupy more than 50% of new orders on their books in the next two years as employers across the UK consider electric as a way to reduce both costs and their impact on the environment.

A fall in car registrations is nothing to worry about, says Deloitte

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Car registrations have dropped but there is nothing to fear advises Deloitte KEEP calm and don't panic over any slip in car registration numbers, warns an automotive expert from economic analysts Deloitte. David [...]

Analysis of the 2014 UK car sales figures by David Raistrick, UK Automotive Leader at Deloitte

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David Raistrick, UK Automotive Leader at Deloitte The 2014 car sales success story Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders figues show an 8.7% increase to 166,198 units compared with December 2013 Car sales [...]