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Are you aware of benefit savings to reduce costs post COVID-19?

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A change in legislation which came into effect in April this year means that EVs now have zero benefit-in-kind (BiK) tax. This has resulted in significant savings for employees, as well as savings through lower National Insurance (NI) contributions for the employer. Yet, one fifth (20%) of HR bosses aren’t aware of the recent change, despite 44% and 39% of companies respectively offering either employee car ownership or salary sacrifice for a car.

Destination 2018: Blue, electric, shared and heading towards autonomous

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BLUE will be a rising trend for car colours in 2018 – because of how manufacturers are driving revenue around metallic and white paints. Other trends will see a rise in electric, shared cars and [...]

First Vehicle Leasing reports growing demand for EVs

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Glasgow-based broker, First Vehicle Leasing, has reported an increased demand for electric cars. Graham McCarthy said: “The electric car market is booming. Indeed, industry figures for last year show that 14,500 electric cars were sold [...]