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Research highlights a tricky year but some hope for the future

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The third wave of the rolling Leasing Broker Federation survey was conducted between 22nd October and 1st December 2020 and showed an increase compared to Wave 2 of Brokers believing they will be handling more enquiries in the next 12 months - up to 48% from 36%. This represents a swing back towards the wave 1 level of 50% believing they will handle more enquiries. The percentage of Brokers saying they believe they will handle less enquiries has remained constant at 30% all year.

Don’t forget to complete the latest LBF survey

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The latest wave of  research closes today (Nov 27) and by providing your feedback, you receive credits that you can redeem against the cost of the LBF events and a quarterly summary report. The online questionnaire takes approximately 5 minutes to complete and you will be able to access the results at any time, as well as receiving a quarterly headline report in December.

CORONAVIRUS SPECIAL – Getting back to work

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Since March the Covid-19 pandemic has seen business almost come to a complete standstill and as lockdown eases and the industry gets back into gear, are you ready and what preparations are you making?

Brokers optimistic for the future – but be ready for the challenges ahead

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LBF survey finds that funders want to only support the established Brokers. It is also suggested that the ability to differentiate from the competition will become more of a challenge as service offerings become more uniform across the sector.

The before and after picture of the vehicle leasing market

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For those who have not yet completed the Leasing Broker Federation rolling survey, or have only partially completed, we would encourage you to do so as this will give us all some crucial insight into the vehicle leaving sector at this incredibly challenging time.

Keep up with current trends. Take part in the Leasing Broker Federation survey

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Survey looks at brokers’ perception of funders and manufacturers, as well as opinions on who is best in supporting the sector and with whom they have the best relationships. Give us your feedback as soon as you can, closing date for the first wave is April 20.

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