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Can a home EV charger increase the value of your house?

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After analysing 1,000 house prices across 50 UK areas, Rivervale found that homes with an electric charge point installed sell for 13% more than the local average. With the average UK house price now at £194,000, according to the ONS, that could mean a value increase of £25,220 to your property.

Pandemic pick-up for EVs

By |2021-03-31T10:55:54+01:00March 31st, 2021|Categories: Leasing & Finance News|Tags: , , |

Rivervale leasing has been delving into the most recent DVLA data to discover the most popular Electric Vehicle of the past year. New registrations for traditionally fuelled cars decreased in 2020 while EVs remained on the up, with a higher-than-average growth rate of around 1.64%, when compared to the previous four years. 

Rivervale adds home EV charger to monthly rental

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With electric vehicles set to become a leading player in the automotive industry, Rivervale Leasing offers hundreds of electric and hybrid options and has had several chargers installed as the business has moved more and more into the green and eco space.

DRIVE’s ODO platform underpins ABP’s transition to EVs

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ABP UK is part of the ABP Food Group, one of Europe’s leading food processors has converted 15% of its UK commercial vehicle fleet to EV, working with Rivervale and DRIVE to ensure that this transition is seamless and value-added. ABP is intent on expanding the EV proportion of its fleet across its operations and is likely to review the position throughout 2021. 

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