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SOGO appoints brand ambassador and new head of remarketing

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SOGO is a new mobility provider that offers an innovative leasing model in the UK for SMEs, micro-businesses and corporates. It provides an ultra-flexible service with leases available from one month to four years and has built a fleet of around 5,000 vehicles.

Short-term leasing critical to the mass adoption of EVs

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Mobility provider argues that motorists who can use an EV for a month on a short lease will be convinced by the low running costs and driving dynamics. At least 35% of its fleet will be electric vehicles, and it anticipates this will increase over the coming months.

New mobility provider to offer ultra-flexible leasing

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Business plans to use the latest technology to provide a digital-led service that will allow customers to order a vehicle in a matter of minutes. It is also creating a customer service centre in Milton Keynes to ensure all customers are supported with the ability to speak to a team member on the phone.

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