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The Leasing Broker Federation Awards 2023 is almost sold out. Get your tickets now!



November 13, 2023

Thursday 23rd November is the LBF 2023 Awards celebration, and it is almost sold out, so book now for you and your team!

Click here to book your tickets

The excitement is growing in the membership as we countdown to showtime at the famous  Phoenix Arts Club, in London’s west end. This won’t be the usual black tie dinner our industry is wedded to, this is unique, this is fun, this is showtime! This is guaranteed to be a very memorable afternoon.

Celebrate with all your team as there are discounts for purchasing multiple tickets, but hurry as it is selling out fast. No, that is not the usual ‘fear of missing out’ line, they really are selling out fast.​

We look forward to seeing you on the 23rd November – oh cabaret, oh cabaret, oh cabaret!

To book your place please click here.

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Leasing Broker Federation

Leasing Broker Federation

The Leasing Broker Federation is an independent membership organisation supporting leasing brokers and operators across the uk. It better equips brokerages with knowledge and skills supporting them to thrive within this growing sector.

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