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HERD Group is rolling out its ‘The Jungle’ a digital communication platform to its network of franchise partners across the UK.

The digital revolution, will become the beating heart of the Herd, a digital hub of key information, resources, training, policies and best practices. Keeping the franchise partners up-to-date on all Herd initiatives and continue to build a its network.

The Herd Group has seen substantial growth over the last few years with a number of new franchise partners coming on board – with that expansion brings even more emphasis on the requirement to ensure that our brand maintains a consistent quality and standard.

Mike Cooke, Herd Group Operations Director said “The Jungle platform was developed with Microsoft SharePoint, offering many benefits including an integrated upgrade to Office 365. The Jungle portal has been built to align with our Herd business priorities and key business drivers to ensure a seamless collaboration.”

The Herd van hire franchise has quickly established itself as the answer to high quality van hire in the UK carefully selecting the best new franchises to work with. The adoption of the internal communication portal will be a hugely valuable asset to our franchise partners.

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